2006_01_travisstamp.jpgFie on you, US Postal Service! We couldn't find any 2 cent stamps left, in order to complement our Muppet stamps with some Navajo jewelry, Now we're faced with a huge mailing we need to do (hateful wedding etiquette that says reply card envelopes must be stamped also!), and the lines at the post office have been sooooo long. And angry. Gothamist could go to Mailboxes Etc., where they'll charge, oh, about 25% more for the new stamps, but if we're going to do that, we might as well get some personalized stamps. Personalized stamps cost more, but at least they'll have a picture of our favorite one-eye cat! (The one eye makes him look rakish!)

And the USPS's domestic rate chart, which is bound to change again under our noses some time soon.