If you've ever been blessed with the opportunity to watch the Princesses of Long Island, Bravo's latest reality show documenting the lives of Strong Island's finest train wrecks, you've probably noticed a few indiscretions made by the show's stars, like playing on "Jewish American Princess" stereotypes, taking sexxxy photos with statues of 9/11 victims or calling Freeport, NY a "ghetto," much to the village's chagrin. And the latest controversy might cost a first-grade teacher her job, after she got wasted and used a gay slur on an episode. Keep it classy, cable TV. Keep it classy.

The show follows the exploits of several 20-something Jewish ladies who live with their parents on Long Island and spend their time searching desperately for love and Chanel. And on the show's season premiere, some of that search took place at a booze-soaked pool party; first-grade teacher Sara Schapiro partook in a little too much vodka and was caught on camera confronting two similarly trashed castmates, calling one a "faggot" and a "douchebag loser." Needless to say, after this appearance some parents probably might not be so thrilled about her reading Hop On Pop to their kids come September, and this week the 32-year-old Schapiro told the Daily News she'll probably have to resign. “We’re all drinking and having fun in our bathing suits,” she said. “I didn’t think about being a teacher at the time." But don't worry, Schapiro's not too bummed. "I was on TV. I don’t care,” she told the tabloid. “I had a good time.”

The education department says they're investigating the incident, and Schapiro, who works at PS 63 in the East Village and makes $66,000 a year, isn't the first teacher to find their job in jeopardy after making a Princesses cameo. Stefan Serie, a middle school health teacher, was forced to resign this week after showing up on screen shirtless at the very same pool party. Sounds like a wild time! And if you're curious to see Schapiro's reality show debut, you can check out the clip online, which features some very philosophical musings on the importance of Facebook and a whole lot of self-tanner.