082208club.jpgFour former employees of pretentious Chelsea nightclub 1OAK (the name stands for 'one of a kind') filed a lawsuit against club owners Thursday in Manhattan Federal court, the Daily News reports. Lawyers say the four minority workers – three female waitresses and one male bartender – were terminated because club owner Scott Sartiano only wanted "white girls he could f---" serving drinks, or so they were told by a manager, who allegedly elaborated, "Scott has a thing about Asians, he wants all white girls." In June, 1OAK owners denied trying to hush up a gay-bashing incident that allegedly transpired in the club bathroom, and it's also where Lindsay Lohan goes to steal clothes. In this latest bit of bad press, the club's lawyer explains that "these disgruntled employees were fired for their poor work performance in addition to four other Caucasian employees that were fired that same week." (For not putting out.)