Last night, the police killed Timur Person, who was found with a semi-automatic weapon. A police squad car drove by a building in Mount Eden, the Bronx, when Person and his friends "scattered." Person was chased into the foyer and then shot by the police four times, three times in the chest, once in the face. A witness told WABC 7 what he saw:

"I turned around, and he was already running," eyewitness Hector Suarez said. "When he was running, the two officers in the back seat got out of the car. When they got out of the car, the two officers in the back seat started chasing him. They got into the building, and they were wrestling with him."

Witnesses say the officers saw that Person had a gun, a .38-caliber semiautomatic with two clips. They say the cops ordered him to drop it.

"The cops told him, 'Let go of the weapon, let go of the weapon,'" Suarez said. "He was holding his waist. At no time did he grab the gun. He was just holding the waist, holding the gun to stay in his belt line. And right there when he fell to the floor, the officer told him let go of the gun."

Another person said Person was trying to surrender. Clearly, an investigation will be conducted, but in this case, unlike the Queens shooting, there was actually a gun on the scene. What is not clear is why the police stopped in front of the building and what Person and the others were doing to attract their attention.

Person is the first person killed since Sean Bell's death. He had been arrested a few times before (the Post described Person as a "career criminal"), but his friends and family say he was turning his life around. According to the NY Times, a crowd reportedly taunted the police; the Times also had a quote from Person's mother: "I can't cry. I can't get the tears. I'm too angry."

Person would have turned 20 this weekend.