Light a candle for the suits in the bathroom stall at a Meatpacking District nightclub: the U.S. Coast Guard helped nab a drug-smuggling submersible packed with $180 million in cocaine off the coast on Honduras on Tuesday. The Coast Guard, along with the FBI and the Honduran navy, had been looking for the vessel for more than 10 days, CBS reports, when it was found approaching the Nicaraguan border. While the sub-like craft sank to avoid capture, a FBI dive team was able to locate it and confiscate 7.5 tons of cocaine, along with the five traffickers inside.

Submersible smuggling machines are all the rage these days, and are usually built in the jungles of Columbia controlled by FARC. Remarkably sophisticated, they can carry around 5 crew members, up to 10 metric tons of goods, and are able to travel 5,000 miles at sea. This explains why "nearly one-third of all cocaine between Columbia, Mexico, and the U.S." is smuggled via submarine. You also might argue that their existence proves that America's fourth war will never be won.