A 17-year-old cyclist was struck and killed by a truck in Harlem yesterday. According to a NYPD spokesperson, both the cyclist—who was only identified as a Hispanic male—and the truck were traveling westbound on 125th Street near Fifth Avenue when the truck struck the teenager. "I heard a crack," a witness told DNAinfo, noting that it sounded like "air coming out of him."

Another witness noted that the boy was lying face down on the street after being hit, and "three or four minutes later, blood starts to hemorrhage out of him." According to DNAinfo, the driver remained on the scene. The NYPD spokesperson tells us that no criminality is suspected, and the investigation is ongoing. East Harlem was cited earlier this year as having an unusually high number of accidents between cyclists and pedestrians.

Less than two weeks ago, a man was struck and killed on his bicycle in the Bronx. The driver claimed, "I didn't see him," and no charges were filed. Transportation Alternatives has announced they will conduct a sweeping investigation of the NYPD's traffic crash investigative practices following the death of Mathieu Lefevre, a cyclist killed in Williamsburg last month.