Do you do work while in the bathroom? Are you guilty of spending mornings smuggling a Macbook under your shirt, sneaking past your roommate and shooting off some emails while evacuating last night's bottle of wine down the toilet? IKEA says it's possible you do, and if you don't, you might want to think about making that rent money while...making something else.

Yes, according to a new study courtesy of IKEA (yes, the same IKEA that forced you to spend an afternoon figuring out what the hell this means), about 17 percent of the 1,000 New Yorkers surveyed prefer to type up their TPS memos while otherwise engaged in the bathroom. We are not the only ones who have turned the water closet into a second office, thankfully—17 percent of Stockholm residents surveyed also pee and labor, while only 10 percent of the lazy slackers wasting their lives in Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai admitted to working aboard the porcelain throne and/or during related bathroom activity.

But there's more: according to the IKEA report, only 59 percent of New Yorkers make breakfast at home, about 7 percent less than those surveyed in other cities. Nearly half of all New Yorkers who make the time for breakfast do so with a smartphone or computer in hand. About 40 percent of New York's households are comprised of single people, shockingly.

And over half of the New Yorkers surveyed said they thought self-reflection in the morning is important, so we suspect at least a few of them spend a few moments wondering how life led them from dreaming of being astronaut to writing a blog post while emptying their bowels.

In sum, IKEA says New York is a city composed of a not insignificant number of sad, socially-defunct workaholics whose iPads are crawling with E. Coli. And those are the achievers.