2006_12_unsqpark.jpgPolice arrested 16 year old Francisco Baez for the murder of Taishawn Bellevue. Bellevue was killed during an shocking Wednesday afternoon brawl in the Union Square Greenmarket, where about 50 teens convened with belts, bats, bricks and more. The fight may have been prompted by some students feeling insulted by others, which then led to groups of students from nearby Washington Irving High School and Brooklyn's Science Skills High School to meet.

Baez was picked out of a police line up by two eyewitnesses and confessed to the crime. Baez's mother, though, cried during the arraignment in which he was denied bail: "They're trying to accuse my son of something he didn't do." Baez was also criticized by the judge for "not looking forward at the bench," according to the Post. Baez was charged with second degree murder, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

The mother of Glenwood Nobles, who was stabbed in the back, told the Post, "I want all these kids to be locked up. That one arrest is not going to help." Nobles, a student at Science Skills, himself told the NY Times yesterday that he and his friends did not expect a fight - and if they did, they "would have brought weapons."

Photograph from the Project for Public Spaces, which called Union Square Park the fifth best public square in the U.S. and Canada