2007_08_myspace.jpgA 16-year-old Bronx boy was arrested for the Sunday murder of Rayquon Story aboard a 5 train. The police tracked down the suspect after someone gave Story's aunt a Myspace picture and said, "This is the kid who shot your nephew."

The person in the photo was identified as Robert Denis, and he was charged, as an adult, with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon. The police reveal some more details about what may have led to the fatal confrontation. According to the Daily News, apparently Story's friends and another group had an argument at an earlier barbecue. Police were called to break up the fight, and Denis had arrived at the barbecue around then. When Story and his friends left, "they were followed to the elevated train station by as many as 30 young men," including Denis. After another person asked for Story and Story identified himself, Denis allegedly fired six or seven times in his direction and then ran from the train.

Story's mother, who had begged for witnesses to come forward, told the Post, "I'm relieved, I really am, that they have a suspect."