Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy for allegedly fatally shooting a Brooklyn man earlier this month. The victim had been attempting to recover his son's baseball hat, which had been stolen by the suspect and his friends, when he was shot.

Adonis Barnett, 16, allegedly shot and killed Gerald Cummings, 38, on a basketball court in Flatbush on August 3rd. Barnett and his friends allegedly stole an expensive Oakland raiders hat from Gerald Sealey, 17, who was Cummings' son. Sealey called Cummings, who lived nearby, to help him retrieve the hat, but when Cummings approached the teens, Barnett allegedly shot him in the head and killed him.

"He did what any father would do and that’s stand up for his children,” Cummings's friend told the Daily News earlier in August. "All he did was confront the kids that beat up his son — and lost his life in the process of defending his child."

Barnett was arrested on Thursday and arraigned on Friday.