The U.S. Postal Service released a revised list (PDF) of locations it is closing, due to its financial woes (it lost $7 billion in the fiscal year that ended September 30), and 16 NYC locations are listed. Seven are in the Bronx, seven are in Manhattan, and two are in Queens—full list after the jump. While it's not pretty, 53 locations were on the possible closing list in the summer.

In remarks to the National Press Club on Thursday, U.S. Postmaster General John Potter said that factors for the USPS's declining fortunes include more people using e-mail, fewer promotional mailings due to the recession, and because of a "three-year-old law that added more than $5 billion to annual costs for prefunding retiree health benefits." He said that cutting mail service from six days-a-week to five days would save $3 billion and that the USPS could add other products for sale at branches—apparently you can buy life insurance at Japanese postal offices and cell phones at French ones.

City Room reports that a decision on whether the locations (listed below) will be closed is "months away."

  • Botanical, 2963 Webster Avenue, Bronx
  • Clason Point, 829 Soundview Avenue, Bronx
  • Crotona Park, 1682 Boston Road, Bronx
  • Hillside, 3292 Boston Road, Bronx
  • Melcourt, 860 Melrose Avenue, Bronx
  • Oak Point, 839 East 149th Street, Bronx
  • Van Nest, 715 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx
  • Cherokee, 1483 York Avenue, Manhattan
  • College, 217 West 140th Street, Manhattan
  • Pitt, 185 Clinton Street, Manhattan
  • Port Authority, 76 Ninth Avenue, Manhattan
  • Port Authority Convenience, 625 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan
  • Tudor City, 5 Tudor City Place, Manhattan
  • West Village, 527 Hudson Street, Manhattan
  • La Guardia Airport, Main Terminal, Flushing, Queens
  • Long Island City Annex, 4310 10th Street, Long Island City, Queens