A tractor trailer stopped in the Bronx turned out to be carrying $16 million in cocaine. Apparently $16 million in cocaine is equal to 400 pounds, as that's how much the authorities confiscated.

NY Drug Enforcement Task Force searched the vehicle at a Bruckner Boulevard parking lot. The Post reports that the investigators, "convinced that drugs were stashed in the vehicle, borrowed an X-ray machine from Homeland Security." And they were right, because after 10 hours of searching, they found the drugs hidden "behind a steel band on the perimeter of the floor of the trailer."

Narcotics Special Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said, "In my time in this office, we've seen hundreds of concealed compartments. This is in the top five." The vehicle had come from California, and four people (three from NYC, one from California) were arrested. It's suspected other similar tractor trailers carrying millions in drugs are on the road. Last year, a truck with an unstable load on the Whitestone Bridge aroused the suspicious of MTA Bridge and Tunnel Police, who found 210 pounds of pot--among pallets of coconut--on board.