2008_08_classroom.jpgThe State Education Department released its annual list of "persistently dangerous" schools, and out of the 19 schools, 16 are in New York City. Which is progress, because last year there were 25 schools on the list. Mayor Bloomberg, who recently touted an 11% drop in felony crimes in schools, said, "Our schools' safety agents, teachers and principals should be proud, but we will push to keep the progress going.'' One school, Jamaica High School, is glad to be off the list--a teacher said, "I'm elated that we're off the list, but we should have never been on there in the first place." But UFT president Randi Weingarten believes there are more than 19 schools on the list--and more needs to be done to help them. Students are allowed to transfer from listed dangerous schools; here's a list (XLS).