A group of angry parents, teachers and concerned citizens plan to file a 15,000-signature petition to state Education Commissioner David Steiner today urging him to deny a waiver that would allow Mayor Bloomberg's appointee for new Schools Chancellor, Cathie Black, to assume the position. Steiner has set up an advisory panel (which has been met with its own share of criticism) to review the waiver, but many say Black is completely unqualified to run the nation's largest school system. One parent told NBC 4, "there's really a phenomenon out there of general outrage at this nomination." But do you know who's not outraged (at the nomination)? Gloria Steinem.

The feminist and journalist has teamed up with women like Whoopi Goldberg and Suze Orman to write a letter of support for Black, and accuse her critics of mocking her because she is a woman. Right, because when the public is mad at someone who admitted to having to "get up to speed" on the school system she has just been named in charge of, clearly it's because she has a vagina. Steinem says her lack of experience is a valid concern, but it's Black's portrayal as just a rich woman with expensive tastes who wrote a "fluffy" self-help book that is bordering on offensive. Steinem says Black "is now paying the price of people's resentment of Bloomberg. ... People resent his third term. They resent his high-handed style. They resent the money he inserts into his political career. But [those things] are not her." We can just ignore statements like UFT president Michael Mulgrew saying, "It's my opinion that the mayor has abused his authority under the mayoral control law. This is not about Ms. Black."

Whether or not the backlash is stemming from the public's resentment of Bloomberg, the fact is that it is Black who would be the new Schools Chancellor, not the mayor. And her lack of experience is concerning to many New York parents and politicians. Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman Marcus Crespo are even vowing to introduce legislation that would restrict waivers for people who don't meet requirements for Schools Chancellor. The panel is expected to review the waiver tomorrow.