Police are investigating the death of 15-year-old girl whose "badly bruised" body was found yesterday in the hallway of a Bronx building where her aunt lives. Destiny Sanchez had been visiting her relatives for Thanksgiving on Thursday when she left to go to the store. A cousin told WABC 7, "She went to the store, she never came back."

Her relatives say that the 9th grader was barely conscious when they discovered her yesterday morning. Her brother said, "She was just sitting up ... I was slapping her in the face, but she would not wake up," while her sister said she tried to perform CPR.

There was bleach found at the scene, possibly from someone trying to conceal a crime. The cousin, Charlie Soto, said, "I heard about bleach. She had bleach on her pants, on her stomach," who added, "I just want you all to come forward, turn yourself in, because you all know who you all are. And just stop running.”

DNAinfo's sources say the police are questioning a 36-year-old man. Neighbors say they heard shrieking yesterday morning, "I heard mad noise going on. I said, ‘This ain’t arguing, that’s people screaming.’"