The Queens DA office has charged a 15-year-old boy with attempted rape and sexual assault for two separate attacks on women in recent weeks. The teen, who was arrested on Sunday, was identified in police line-ups by two victims and may be charged in other similar attacks. Queens DA Richard Brown said, "The defendant is accused of prowling the streets and preying on vulnerable women."

Brown's office also released details of the attacks, which were very violent:

A 40-year-old female, at approximately 1:18 a.m. on October 9, 2011, and punched her repeatedly in the face, causing her to fall backwards onto the ground. The defendant allegedly continued to punch her, causing the victim to hit her head on the cement ground. At the same time, he allegedly attempted to remove her clothing and succeeded in pulling her pants and underwear to her knees before he sexually abused her. It is alleged that at one point, the victim managed to stand up but the defendant punched her from behind, causing her to fall to her hands and knees. The victim allegedly suffered severe bruising to her eyes, lacerations to the inside of her mouth, a nasal fracture which required surgery, a laceration to her cheek requiring stitches, severe abrasions to both her knees requiring debridement, as well as contusions, pain and swelling to the rear of her head.

In the second instance, it is alleged that the defendant approached his second victim, a 24-
year-old female, from behind as she was walking at approximately 7:15 p.m. on October 16, 2011, and grabbed her in a headlock and began punching her repeatedly. The victim allegedly fell to the cement ground while the defendant continued to punch her in the face until she lost consciousness.

It is alleged that the defendant scratched at her legs, trying to remove her girdle. The victim allegedly suffered a lacerated lip, lacerations to the inside of her mouth, bruising, swelling and pain to her face and bruising and contusions to the rear of her head.

The suspect is currently awaiting arraignment. If he is convicted, he will be a juvenile offender and could receive two and two-thirds to eight years in prison.

Residents, who have been worried about the serial sex attacker, remain cautious—one told 1010WINS, "I feel relieved if that’s actually the culprit, but if not, then still worried because there’s still more out there."