2008_06_qnsbs.jpgOn Wednesday night, 15-year-old Keyanna Jones was stabbed to death by when a dispute over line cutting at a Queens bus stop.

Police say that 39-year-old Winston Alladin was angered because a woman and child allegedly cut in front of him to board a bus. One passenger said, per the Post, he "spat racial epithets at the woman and other African-American passengers." When a group of kids followed him off the bus, more people joined in ("more than 10 people," according to the Daily News).

Alladin claimed he was "pelted with bricks and bottles and feared for his life"--someone in the mob may have threatened to shoot him--so he used his knife and stabbed one of the people in the crowd. Jones was struck in the heart and died at Jamaica Hospital. A 10-year-old who witnessed the scene told the News that Keyanna "was telling us to chill out. She was telling us don't fight him, he's not worth it."

Alladin was chased and held down by the mob until police arrived. Though he claimed the stabbing was in self-defense, police say the way Jones was killed contradicts that; Alladin was charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.