It's time for Gothamist to start drinking coffee. Sharon Shea, a 60 year old woman from Staten Island, has slapped Dunkin' Donuts with a $15 million lawsuit. About a week ago, Shea had coffee in her lap as she was riding in her friend's car. Once they stopped, there was mucho coffee spillage that caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Shea claims the cup lids weren't fastened securly before she got them. The damage doesn't sound pretty, "All my skin was pulled back like a nylon stocking a lady takes off." Not to be unsympathetic, as the burn sounds pretty damn painful, but $15 million is a lot of loot. Of course, this brings the classic Seinfeld episode to mind where Kramer burns himself on some hot coffee. No news on whether Shea will also settle for a lifetime supply of coffee from the donut chain.