One of the best views of the Marathon was from the Medical Tent at mile 15. Along with a motley crew of other physicians and health professionals, Gothamist cheered on the runners while playing doctor on the Queens side of the 59th Street Bridge. While most of the racers that came through were just looking for a band-aid for a new blister, some Vaseline for their chafed nether-regions, or some Icy Hot for a cramp, there was definitely some drama that most didn't get to see.

Early in the race, one of the Elite runners came limping toward us with a brand new stress fracture. Towards the end, another participant, who had just decided to quit, sat down at our station and then proceeded to pass out. Needless to say, both of these runners dropped out and we couldn't help but feel heartbroken for them.

2005_11_health_15mile2.jpgOn a more lifting note, most runners passed us without needing our services, including many who were missing a leg or two as well as people well into their 80s. And for a while, we couldn't even compete with the Good Samaritans across the road who were handing out Teddy Graham's. In the end, we just cheered everyone on and in the process slapped on a few Spongebob Square Pants Band-Aids and massaged a few strange, sore knees at the 15 mile mark before heading to the Medical Tent at the finish line (image on right) to help out some more.