2007_12_truckrt3.jpgWith the winter weather causing more difficult driving conditions, last night a dump truck jumped a divider on Route 3/Meadowlands Parkway.

Fifteen cars piled up behind it, causing hours of traffic issues. Twenty-eight people were injured, five were treated at hospitals, and one died. Route 3 was closed for 8 1/2 hours Sunday night until 6:30AM this morning, and residual delays are expected.

Other accidents occurred in the icy conditions and a tow truck operator told WCBS 2, "[It's] crazy. Crazy. There's accidents all over the place. People breaking down getting struck sliding." The NJ State DOT said, "I can't speak for the speeds of the drivers who are in these accidents, but we would caution motorists to drive slowly, please drive as carefully as possible, because the roads are icy."

There's a wind advisory for all of today, which could down tree branches and power lines.