2006_11_145thbridge.jpgFor the next four months, the 145th Street Bridge will be closed to traffic and pedestrians as the Department of Transportation reconstructs the bridge. And it is a total reconstruction - new bridge arrived on barge and is parked nearby. From the NY Sun:

Once the old bridge is disassembled and disposed of by the contractor, Kiewit/Pully, the new trusses will be floated in at high tide.

Over the next four months, deconstruction will occur in a few distinct phases. Today begins step one— the preparation of the center pier, which supports the bridge's three trusses. The new trusses are scheduled for installation in the refurbished center pier by mid-January.

The bridge was originally built in 1905, with improvements in 1957 and 1989. The DOT found it exhibited "the effects of age, weather and the continual daily usage by motor vehicles and pedestrians," hence the new $70 million reconstruction. Here's a brochure about the project (PDF).

This should be an interesting project to check out from time to time - it's not everyday a bridge is totally replaced. Forgotten NY has some photographs of the current (old) bridge.

Photograph by Kevin Walsh/Forgotten NY