Nine Harlem teens were sent to the hospital after a 14-year-old girl reportedly pepper sprayed her classmates yesterday. The incident occurred yesterday around 2 p.m. at the Academy for Social Action, which is one of four schools at 509 W. 129th Street. One student told the Post that the girl had reportedly "sprayed the irritant indiscriminately into the air."

The maced students were all taken to nearby St. Luke's-Roosevelt hospital with minor injuries. The Department of Education says the 14-year-old was given a juvenile report, and school officials are investigating the incident. The Academy for Social Action, a C-rated high school, made headlines last year when the former Principal and Assistant Principal were fired after they were discovered to have been embroiled in a two-year long affair which came to an end in a hail of firing requests and death threats.

Last month, 17 students from the Bronx High School For Law & Community Service were sent to the hospital and treated for minor injuries after an unknown assailant pepper sprayed them.