2007_08_mnasser.jpgPolice believe that 14-year-old Mohammed Nasser acted in self-defense when he fatally stabbed his stepfather on Wednesday night. Nasser said, "Well, he threatened me and my family, so I had to do what I had to do to protect my brother and my mother and my other little brother."

Newsday reports that Nasser's stepfather Arturo Moreno was drunk when he arrived at the Ozone Park home he shared with Nasser's mother, Arwa Moreno, Wednesday night. He started to threaten her with a knife, and Nasser and his brother (who live with their grandmother on Staten Island but were visiting) ran to help her. Nasser first broke a bottle over Moreno's head, but that did not stop him, so Nasser managed to take Moreno's knife and plunged it into Moreno's chest.

The Moreno's landlords, who heard screaming and crying, went to check the situation and found Moreno bleeding. Nasser's mother allegedly asked them not to call 911 because it was an "accident," but the landlord did and Moreno was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital. According to the Sun, the family had a history of domestic abuse. The Queens DA's office has not pressed charges, but an investigation is still continuing.

Nasser said he was trying to forget the incident, "I didn't feel that I did anything wrong. Because I really did take his life, and I didn't hope for that. I just wanted to stop him from hurting my family."