2008_12_kind.jpgThe police released a video of a man who kidnapped a girl from her Washington Heights apartment building and took her to a motel in the Bronx. The Daily News reports that, fortunately, the "quick-thinking 14-year-old girl escaped the clutches of a pervert after he left her alone in the parking lot of a Bronx motel while he went inside to book a room." Cops say she was dragged from the lobby of her apartment (the girls adds that she tried to "catch people's eyes, but every person I walked by was listening to music") into a livery cab and taken to the River Road Motor Inn in Woodlawn. When in the parking lot, the girl had called to the cab driver for help (he did call 911) and ran into a room being cleaned by maids, who then "closed the door and called 911." More details about the suspect here.