2008_11_smatthews.jpgYesterday afternoon, a 14-year-old girlwas discovered by her father in their Cambria Heights home in Queens. Sabrina Matthews was "naked from the waist down, with blood gushing from a wound to her throat," in her bedroom, according to the Daily News. The paramedics were unable to revive her.

A neighbor, VIncent Oakley, told the NY Times the father, who went to his house after calling for help, was "crying and...totally out of it," after finding the body. The father also said it looked like "someone had gone in and assaulted her." A friend of Sabrina's said, “I saw her mom collapse right here. They were holding her up. She started yelling and screaming, ‘Who did this to my baby? Why?’ She was yelling, ‘Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina,’ over and over.”

Neighbors say that the family moved to Queens from Brooklyn. While there is no history with the Administration for Children's Services, there are records of the police going to the home for domestic incident reports; the Post reports, "A source said those incidents involved the father and one of the victim's three older sisters." The father is a driver for ACS and the girl's mother is a health care worker.

And another neighbor told the Daily News he wouldn't leave his house until the murder was solved, "It takes a lot of nerve to go into somebody's house and slit their throat. It's savage."