The fourth person arrested in the Nicole duFresne murder is a 14-year old girl, the girlfriend of gunman Rudy Fleming. After surrendering at the Lower East Side precinct house, Tatianna McDonald was charged with second degree murder and second degree robbery - as an adult. McDonald told police that she "helped spark" the confrontation between their group of friends and duFresne's group; they thought duFresne, her fiance, and another couple would be "easy marks." McDonald's family said, "She's a good child, she goes with the wrong people. She wants to apologize to [duFresne's] family. She's an accomplice in the crime because she was there, but she was just standing there." The two other arrestees in the case have been charged with robbery; the police released two suspects and are still looking for one more.

The Post notes that Fleming "had an accident" in his pants when the police approached him.