A group of alleged Latin Kings have been arrested for maiming rival gang members, reportedly shooting, stabbing and very nearly scalping foes thought to have shown "disrespect."

The charges feature a fairly standard rundown of the usual gang gripes, but the names are characteristically fantastic. The Outlaw tribe, for instance, is run by 26-year-old Luis Blanco, known to friends and loved ones as "King Humble" but you can call him "Humble Willcutyou." The extended family also includes King Happy, King Savage, King Gucci, King Popoff, King Get It, King Prince, King Lucifer, King Reckless, Niggler Diggler, King Naldo and Elizabeth Torres.

Chipper monikers notwithstanding, the group is accused of perpetrating some pretty gruesome acts of violence since 2013. According to the district attorney, a member of Park Slope's Hardbody tribe was stabbed in the back, chest and nearly scalped, in addition to three other members who were assaulted. An investigation also found that members of the Maya tribe in Jamaica, Queens had incurred the wrath of the Kings, including one instance in which a member was "lured to Bushwick, where he was stabbed in the head and body and shot multiple times causing life threatening injuries and to be placed in a medical coma for several weeks."

"The streets of Brooklyn do not belong to the Latin Kings but to the people of Brooklyn, and our streets after now safer as a result of these arrests," Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said in a statement.

Cops collared ten of the gang members on Wednesday, and four were already in jail. They have been arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court, and Humble Willcutyou is being held without bail. All defendants face up to 25 years in prison.