Two years ago, Xochil Garcia, then 11, made the cover of the Daily News after escaping a man who grabbed her in her Midwood apartment building. The girl rang all the intercom buzzers and got the attention of neighbors and her brother who caught Bernard Mutterperl, who allegedly told police, "when he sees young girls, he has to go after them." Yesterday, Xochil testified at Mutterperl's trial, with tears in her eyes, "He caught me from behind, he grabbed me. He told me not to scream. Then he grabbed my waist and he walked me down to the lobby." The Daily News reports that 21-year-old Mutterperl "said he took the girl's hand because he wanted to become friends" while his lawyer Joyce David argued, "He may not have acted appropriately, but he did not act criminally." Back in 2007, Xochil told the Post, "Before a robbery happens, I always think of a plan to do. But sometimes when I'm nervous or scared, I forget my ideas. I only came up with half a plan when I got caught," making us sad that kids have to have plans for when they are robbed.