Yesterday afternoon, a 13-year-old jumped to his death from his family's apartment terrace at the Tracey Towers on Mosholu Parkway. The Daily News reports that Juda Agyemang "was sent home from school for not paying attention" (according to family members) while the Post says he had been "pulled from his school's basketball team because of poor grades."

An aunt told the News, "He was a brilliant boy. He was a good basketball player, too." The family said that "Juda had a problem yesterday in an after-school academic program at Our Lady of Angels school on Sedgwick Ave. that got him sent home early for not paying attention." When he got home, the teen wanted to play basketball but his mother told him he had to eat before. The aunt said, "She went to the kitchen to get her son food when she heard a noise from the balcony and he wasn't there anymore."

The papers say that he fell at least 21 stories (the News says Juda fell 21 stories while the Post says he fell 23 stories from a window). A neighbor told the Post, "I was standing on my terrace and the body was being taken away. I saw the mother lying on the body, crying," while another said, "The family was a very good family. When I heard this, I was very surprised ...He was just a very sweet kid. Everybody is very upset."