A 13-year-old girl was killed last night after she helped six other children, including her younger sister, escape an out-of-control SUV that was being driven by a stabbing victim. CBS reports that 44-year-old Sean Lewis was driving erratically down Pacific Street when his Range Rover struck three parked vehicles, backed into another, and flipped over, killing the girl, Kira Goddard. Lewis died at Brookdale Hospital, and it was unclear whether he died of his stab wounds or from injuries sustained in the crash. "Everybody is devastated. I can't cry, I am so hurt," Goddard's mother, Joyce Lovelady, tells the Post.

Authorities say that Goddard, who was supposed to see a movie with a friend, began herding her friends and her sister into her house when Lewis' SUV began hitting parked cars. "My daughter told everybody to run, but she didn't," Lovelady said, "She saw the car coming. She was trying to get to the door. She got everybody else in." A neighbor tells the Post that Goddard "is very loving, very caring. She wanted people to be safe."