Things are pretty bad when your 13-year-old daughter calls the cops on you because you're (allegedly!) drinking and driving: Over the weekend, Susan Rogge of Putnam County was arrested when police discovered her with a car full of teenage kids, including her daughter, and with a blood alcohol level of 0.22, almost three times the legal limit. WCBS 2 reports, "Mom was apparently in the parking lot drinking beer in the car -- a big problem since mom was the ride home. Moments after they left the daughter turned the mother in for DWI. 'Mommy's drunk.' she told the operator. 'We almost crashed.'" Rogge's car was in the oncoming lane—and in the opposite direction—according to police; Carmel Police Chief Michael Johnson praised the child, "The 13-year-old was very responsive. You can't fault her. Some people might say she turned her mother in, but they are better off for it." Rogge has a history of alcohol-related offenses and her lawyer said, "She recognizes she has a serious disease and will be seeking in-patient treatment immediately." She is currently in jail, awaiting $10,000 cash bail or $20,000 bond.