Once Arthur hobbled up the Canadian coast in a decrepit post-tropical-storm state, NYC was greeted with a gorgeous, perfectly temperate Independence Day weekend. Time to hit the beach, right? Not so for Long Islanders, who have been dealing with a serious germ problem.

Yesterday, dangerously high bacteria levels forced health officials to suspend swimming at 13 Long Island beaches, the AP reports. Amongst the baker's dozen beaches closed Saturday were two Heckscher State park waterfronts in East Islip, where water quality was deemed unacceptable.

Last week's storms are apparently to blame for the closures. The heavy winds and rain that buffeted NYC and the surrounding area have caused increased stormwater runoff on Long Island, and that runoff, which makes its way to local streams and shorelines, carries bacteria, pathogens, and all kinds of microbes out to sea. Swimmers had already been warned to watch out for high waves and strong rip currents following then-Hurricane Arthur's pass through the region on Friday.

New York currently rates 20th out of 30 states in beach water quality, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. As of today the Biltmore Beach Club in Massapequa is the only Nassau County beach still closed on account of bacteria.