Today on Staten Island, a couple had to call the authorities about a python that found its way onto their property. No one's quite sure where the 10-foot long yellow Albino python came from when it was spotted on the Great Kills driveway, but it's suspected that someone nearby released their pet when the creature became beyond their control. A spokesman for Animal Care and Control told the SI Advance, "[People] get them when they're very young, when they're a foot or two long. They outgrow their enclosure and they get to be too much to handle." Last year alone, the agency brought in 91 snakes—pythons being one of the classifications of snakes that are banned as pets. (In Florida just today, a pet python strangled a two-year-old girl to death.) The Staten Island snake has been put on a a wildlife rehabilitator in Brooklyn until it can be moved to a sanctuary outside the city. That sure beats the fate of one python in Brooklyn—he ended up being peed on!