A second boy has admitted to throwing a shopping cart, hitting a woman who has been in a medically induced coma since the incident. The boy had been at an East Harlem shopping center when he and a friend lifted the cart over the railing; in Family Court, he said, “Me and [the other boy] threw a shopping cart off the fourth floor of the mall."

On October 30, Marion Salmon Hedges had been shopping for Halloween candy for needy children with her son when a red Target shopping cart hit her—and two 12-year-old boys were seen throwing the cart from a walkway. After initially pleading not guilty, the boys pleaded guilty (the other pleaded guilty last week, the day before his 13th birthday).

Family Court Judge Susan Larrabee asked yesterday's defendant, "Did you understand if somebody got hit with a shopping cart from four stories up, they could get seriously hurt?" and he said, "Yes." Larrabee, who has suggested that she may keep the boys in custody until their 18th birthday, also denied a request to release the boy for Thanksgiving, "I'm not saying I'm never going to release him, but I don't have enough information. It's still not clear to me who was supposed to be supervising him on Oct. 30."