2006_09_12boy.jpgA boy fatally crossed paths with a firetruck responding to a call about an unconscious person collided yesterday in Elmhurst. Twelve year old Michael Kandathil was running across the street to get the mail when a truck from Engine Company 289 was traveling west on the eastbound lane of Hampton Street. The truck's driver, who was very distraught, was not charged, but Kandathil's death is under investigation. Witnesses suspect that the boy may have slipped on the wet pavement. Also, a double parked car may have "obstructed the view of both the driver of the fire truck and Michael as he crossed the street," according to the NY Times. A police officer told the Post, "You know who's at fault is the person who double-parked the car. That's why we give tickets to double-parked cars - to prevent things like this from happening."

The FDNY extended its thoughts and prayers to the Kandathil family. Michael would have started the eighth grade this fall.