It's almost like walking around with a stroller is a surefire way to get robbed now; cops say a 12-year old boy was mugged while walking with his mother and 4-year-old sister in her stroller near Prospect Park on Friday, allegedly getting held up at gunpoint by three men in their 20s.

Authorities say the unidentified victim and his family were outside of 331 East 18 Street near Cortelyou Road in Prospect Park South at around 10:30 p.m. on Friday when the three suspects came up behind him, pressed a gun to his back and demanded they "give me money or I'll shoot you." His mother, who was pushing the 4-year-old in a stroller at the time, gave the men an undetermined amount of cash, and they fled.

Though no injuries were reported, neighbors say the incident unsettled them. "I have no words for that. I just think people are reckless and they have no heart sometimes," Gabriella Bermeo, who lives in the area, told CBS News. "How could you do that to a 12-year-old?" Cops say the three men suspected of Friday's burglary were all in their 20s, and one of them had a ponytail.

And this is just one of several recent thefts involving kids and toddlers, with tykes getting robbed of iPods, iPhones, necklaces and cash over the past few years.