The New Jersey boy who was rushed to the hospital after the sand tunnel he was digging at the beach collapsed on him is dead. 12-year-old Ezra Cornman was digging in the sand with his younger brother at the beach at Long Branch on Tuesday afternoon when a tunnel collapsed on him, trapping him under the sand. Police say the tunnel was less than three feet deep, but it was still enough to bury Cornman alive. Lifeguards dug him out in less than ten minutes, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital, but it was too late.

They were pumping him, pressing on his stomach, trying to bring him back," a beachgoer from Staten Island told NBC New York. "They kept trying to revive him, pressing, pressing. There was blood coming out of his nose... He didn't move." Funeral services are being held for Cornman, an Ocean Township resident, today. A family friend tells CBS 2, "He was a great kid, unbelievable kid, great family."