Twelve cab drivers have been arrested for allegedly conducting a credit card scam that netted them nearly $40,000 in fraudulent fares.

The drivers, all of whom were licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission, allegedly used former customers' credit cards to make multiple transactions for short, pricey rides between January and July 2015. Most of the fraudulent "rides" lasted less than a minute, but the customers' cards were charged anywhere from $100 to $499 per trip, the Department of Investigation said on Thursday.

Many of the drivers also allegedly switched their meters to Rate 5, a negotiated fare that cabbies can use outside the five boroughs. After switching the meters to Rate 5, the DOI said, the drivers put in the stolen credit card information through the electronic payment system.

When the DOI interviewed the people whose cards had been used for the transactions, investigators found that almost all of them had not taken a cab on the days the trips had allegedly taken place—some of the defrauded customers weren't even in the city.

According to the DOI, the drivers used Creative Mobile Technologies LLC, Flywheel, and Verifone to process the payments, and investigators became aware of the alleged fraud after CMT and Verifone contacted the department about suspicious trips that were short but incredibly high in cost.

One of the drivers allegedly racked up $7,916 over 25 fraudulent transactions between February and April 2015. One of the fabricated trips lasted just 0.34 miles.

"These taxi drivers turned their cabs into a crime scene," DOI Commissioner Mark Peters said. "They exploited their taxi's electronic payment systems to run up thousands in dollars in fake charges for fake rides, according to the charges."

The drivers were charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. A thirteenth driver was charged with criminal impersonation for allegedly driving a cab that had been assigned to his brother.

TLC spokesperson Allan Fromberg told Gothamist that the TLC licenses of the drivers facing charges have been suspended and, if the drivers are convicted, their licenses will be revoked.