Two weeks after suffering intense burns when a friend poured boiling water on her face, 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt is no longer in pain and has a positive outlook on life. In a new interview with ABC7, Merritt said she harbors no ill will toward the 12-year-old sleepover host who, inspired by the "Hot Water Challenge" social media fad, doused her with boiling water after she had dozed off at a sleepover.

"I can't be angry," Merritt told ABC. "I have to be happy." Merritt described feeling only a discomforting itch where second and third-degree burns once covered 85 percent of her face. Last week, she told the Daily News "I'm so great...Now I'm dancing and listening to music."

The incident took place on August 7th at a Bronx apartment. "Her and her friend got into an argument," Jamoneisha's cousin claimed. "She told her if she goes to sleep, they were gonna do something to her. So, it was like 3:00 in the morning so she went to sleep. The girl on tape says she boiled water and she threw it on her."

In this week's interview, Merritt recalled, "All I felt was hot water dripping down on my face, and they put me in a cold shower and threw ice on me... I started screaming and yelling. At first when I was in the hospital, I was looking sad and stuff, and crying."

The 12-year-old allegedly responsible for burning Merritt was arrested and hospitalized after reportedly attempting suicide. Jamoneisha's mother Ebony has set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of covering the family's medical expenses.

"Now when I'm home, I just smile, dance and get ready for tomorrow," Jamoneisha told ABC.