The first full year of NYPD data mandated by the Student Safety Act is in, and the department's school safety division arrested or ticketed more than 11 students every day during the 2011-2012 school year. The data also show that 95% of those arrested were black or Latino, and 74% were male. "What used to be a walk to the principal's office is now a walk in handcuffs to the local precinct," Udi Ofer, the NYCLU's Advocacy Director tells the WSJ, adding that the NYPD should not be "in the business of school discipline."

Not surprisingly, top NYPD spokesman Paul Browne claims that the NYCLU "persists in smearing school safety agents and police officers who do good work professionally and in an unbiased manner." Though the Bronx contains 21% of the city's middle and high school enrollments, the NYCLU notes that 48% of the summonses were given to Bronx students.

On a related note, an analysis of the NYPD's stop-and-frisk records by the New York Times showed that two precincts in the Bronx were among the top four where physical force was most often used against residents who were subjected to the practice.

Notably, 20% of the students arrested or cited for misbehavior last school year were between the ages of 11 and 14."We can no longer ignore the impact that police practices have on perpetuating the achievement gap in our city’s schools," Ofer says in a statement. "It’s about time that the administration face the facts and recognize that when a student gets ticketed or arrested in school for minor misbehavior, the student’s ability to succeed academically is greatly weakened.

The organization points to a school district in Georgia that has limited the practice of arresting students for infractions and implemented alternative programs and seen an 87% decrease in fights and a 20% increase in its graduation rate since 2004.

A spokesperson for the DOE tells the WSJ that the department has seen the data and will "focus on strong counseling and youth development support, rather than just on suspensions for low-level infractions."