An elderly woman was robbed yesterday inside her apartment building in Co-op City in the Bronx, and police arrested a suspect today.

Police said that Sharon McNeil, 53, followed 103-year-old Louise Signore into the elevator in her apartment building on Bellamy Loop, and rode the elevator with her up to her floor. Once in the hallway outside the Signore's apartment, McNeil allegedly knocked her to the ground and stole her shopping cart, which had food for two meals that the victim had just gotten from the local community center.

McNeil also took her purse, which contained the Signore's credit cards, ID, and money, police said.

"What did she want?" Signore questioned when talking to 1010 WINS. "What did she get, $35 and a couple of meals? But she took my magnifying glass, that's important for me...I'm still shaking, but it's not going to stop me from going out."

Signore refused medical attention. Police said that McNeil fled the scene, but was arrested today and charged with robbery, assault, and harassment.