Thousands of people, including Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, have gathered in Battery Park for the second day of protests against Donald Trump's executive order barring immigration from majority-Muslim countries and Syrian refugees.

You can watch a livestream of the rally here:

Huge crowd here! "Every time they come for one of us, they come for all of us."

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Mayor de Blasio's office tweeted out a message of support for the protesters, and pegged the number of people at Battery Park at 5,000 (then bumped it up to 10,000).

People on the way to the march have also reported packed subway cars and platforms, with most or all of the people on the trains going to the protest.

Chuck Schumer led the assembled crowd in a chant of "The people, united, will never be defeated," and called Trump's executive order "bad for America, bad for humanity, bad for our national security and against everything that is American."

Some in the crowd still weren't totally ready to welcome Schumer with open arms though, and shouted at him to stop voting to confirm any of the President Trump's Cabinet appointees.

A video taken from above the park showed the scope of the rally, which has taken up every pedestrian path in the park.

Mayor de Blasio has taken the stage to speak as well, and called the order "un-American." He also thanked the protesters who came out to JFK, and told the crowd that 17 people were still being held at JFK, which started a chant of "Let them in."

Scott Stringer, speaking about Trump, told the crowd "This dude is going to get impeached."

Tish James addressed the crowd as well, telling them "I need to remind you that it was young people who fought for civil rights and women's rights" and "Whenever confronted with a lawless government what do you do? Resist resist! It is an obligation."

The rally turned into a march going up to Foley Square after the speakers were finished, and is moving through lower Manhattan at the moment:

Additional reporting by Emma Whitford and Raphael Pope-Sussman