Elias, a badass 100-pound hammerhead shark with more Twitter followers than you, is currently cruising off the coast of Queens and Brooklyn. Welcome, Elias.

Elias is a smooth hammerhead, one of just three types known to be a danger to humans. As of 2008, the International Shark Attack File lists 34 attacks by large hammerheads, with one fatality. More often, though, they're known for stealing catches from sport fishers and divers. Think of them as exotic cats of the water.

Joining Elias is also a 125-pound Mako shark named Princess, who is currently slinking around near Fire Island.

Additionally, beach-goers were ordered out of the water at Rockaway yesterday after someone reportedly saw a shark, though reports were unconfirmed.

Don't worry, though. It's still Monday. By the time the weekend rolls around, five looong days from now, Elias and his friends will probably be long gone.