Last night, a pair of home invasion robbers attempted to pillage a home in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. However, a 10-year-old boy managed to disarm one of the robbers and then shoot the gun to ward them off.

Around 5:30 p.m., two men posing as FedEx deliveryman entered the home, which had two teens and the boy. The Post reports the men "ordered two teens to stay in the living room while they searched the house."

When one of the armed robbers got to the boy's bedroom, the boy apparently slammed the door against the man so hard that the robber dropped his gun.

Then the boy picked up the gun and fired it, which prompted the two robbers to flee.

Neighbors were amazed—one said to WCBS 2, "He’s a brilliant kid if he did that. He’s a brave kid to save his mother and father." The police are investigating and have reportedly spoken to members of the family. Another neighbor told the Post, "They have a store, so maybe the person who robbed them knew there was a lot of cash in there. Look, they have two brand-new BMWs in the driveway,” she said. “I don’t know, that’s kind of unusual for this neighborhood."