A 10-year-old girl was shot in Far Rockaway early Saturday morning, while walking her dog with her mother; authorities say the young victim is currently in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

The shooting occurred at 1:25 a.m., just after Bryanna Smalls, 10, stepped out of her apartment building at 22-29 Dix Avenue. Witnesses say two groups of men started shooting at each other from across the street, and one gunman hit the girl on her right side with a stray bullet, just above her hip. Cops do not know what prompted the shooting, though a man claiming to be Bryanna's uncle told the Daily News it was an "ongoing thing" in the neighbrhood. "She should be able to walk outside of her own home—it's crazy what goes on here," he said. "It needs to stop."

Emergency responders took Bryanna to a nearby hospital for treatment, and family members told reporters she was " all right"; police are currently investigating the incident.