A 10-year-old boy was the latest victim of stray bullets from a gang shootout last night in Brooklyn. Khalil Robinson was watching TV in his first floor East New York apartment when he was struck by two bullets, once in the neck and once in the shoulder.

According to witnesses, the gun fight began as a turf war between two groups of teenagers in the neighborhood."There were three boys walking down the block, and they were shooting at two other boys. They were shooting at the kids by the store," said Leah Williams, 20, adding that she heard about six shots after she ducked out of the way. Robinson was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, and is in stable condition.

His grandmother, Cynthia Robinson, said "It's crazy. You should be safe in your own home. This shouldn't happen to any child." Back in March, a 10-year-old girl was shot by a stray bullet on Stuyvesant Avenue in Brooklyn.