A father and his ten-year-old son were fired upon by three men in the South Bronx early this morning, which led to a chase and eventually a police shoot-out. The father and ten-year-old were sitting in a Dodge Durango in front of Saint Peter's Church in Parkchester around 3:15 a.m. when one of the men opened fire. The ten-year-old was grazed by a bullet, while the dad was hit in the finger.

Police then chased the suspects down Lafayette Avenue until the car lost control and slammed into a fence. Witness Cecilio Negron described the scene: "The cops was chasing that Impala. There was three guys in there, and they were shooting at the cops." After they crashed, "The three guys got out of the car and they jetted. The cops started shooting at the guys, they fired like nine shots." A 19-year-old shooter who was shot in the buttocks was apprehended by police.