2008_08_nypdyarm.jpgPart intro to Yiddish slang, part feature on some new NYPD cadets, the Post reveals that there are ten "NYPD CHOSEN GUNS"--as in Orthodox Jewish cadets-- in this year's class. While many of the cadets say their parents were verklempt, many explain it's just been a dream (and that they'll wear their yarmulkes under the police hat). However, one cadet, Shmuel Tenenbaum said would like to work in an non-Orthodox neighborhood to avoid anyone thinking they can get special treatment, "If you give a Jewish guy a ticket, it's very hard. And then people talk. They could make your life miserable." Another worry: Keeping kosher on a cop's salary; cadet Max Silva said, "A burger at McDonald's costs two or three bucks, but at a kosher place it's $8." Previously in the Post's adventures in Jewish cops: NYPD JEW.