The New York City Marathon might be a headache for those who want to get across town (or even cross the street) on Sunday, but it is a serious windfall for the city. And not just because of all the cash being spent on carbo-loading and tree cutting. According to Mayor Bloomberg the 26.2 mile race (and its 47,000 runners from all 50 states and 135 countries) generates more than $10 million in tax revenue. "It’s one of those events that really does set us apart," Bloomberg said yesterday before painting the orange and blue finish line in Central Park. "The race is a major boon to our economy."

And as far as sporting events go, it is hard to argue that the Marathon (which is watched by millions each year on TV and in person) is anything but great advertising for the city. It looks this year's race should be as good as ever, what with a cool and sunny weather forecasted. Still, it is going to be hard to top the 2011 Chicago marathon for amazing publicity—what with one of their runners giving birth after successfully finishing the race!