Ten people are dead in NYC as a result of Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg announced this morning, adding that he expects that death toll to rise. Three people were killed by falling trees—one 29-year-old man in Queens died after a tree crashed through his bedroom last night. (The photo above shows the aftermath of that tragedy; tipster, Jim M, tells us the tree fell on 166th street, crashing into the second floor of the house.) Here are the preliminary details on the other nine fatalities, provided by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and spokesman Paul Browne:

  • A woman stepped in a puddle and was electrocuted, within the confines of the 106th precinct (South Central Queens).
  • A man killed on Broad Street in Manhattan, possibly inside a garage.
  • Another man was killed in on Laight Street in Tribeca, cause of death unclear.
  • Two people were crushed by a falling tree in Ditmas Park. (Patch reports that the two victims were out walking their dog, which survived.)
  • A 13-year-old girl was found dead on her lawn on Staten Island, in the 113th Precinct. Her mother is now hospitalized with undisclosed injuries and the girl's father is missing.
  • A police officer drowned in the basement of a Staten Island home; the rest of his family was in the attic.
  • A woman who was hooked up to a respirator died within the 13th Precinct, which is in the lower portion of midtown Manhattan.
  • Another woman drowned in Queens.

According to the NYPD, there were no hurricane-related deaths as a result of the hospital evacuations.

Additional reporting by Jake Dobkin